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July 23, 2009


It all started when I came across Kay's blog and thought that why not try this-it is basically a two week NO GRAIN DIET, a modified version of the South Beach diet, Bee and Indira are in it too and you can click on their names to find out just what they are doing :), as for me, I thought I must share my experience with you all and maybe someone can benefit out of it too, I know it is pretty boring to read a diet log BUT if you are seriously thinking of being fit and maybe lose some weight this can come in handy.

I have never followed a diet in my entire life, have never fasted, but due to certain hormonal changes, my weight had reached a plateau, with my BMI touching 26 I thought it is time for some serious action, I thought I will never get past a few hours on this plan and today is DAY 2!! and I am feeling great, I did have a headache which Kay says is a sign of detox, but otherwise no hunger pangs.

My first concern was that since I am working 9 hours a day, how will I be able to pull across without chapatis/rotis without feeling a loss of energy, once I devised the following mixture and made a dough out of it for my chapatis I was at ease, it is basically combining half quantity of soyabean flour and half of gramflour, kneading it and making chapatis out of it, I think it tastes great and I loved it!


  • Early Morning-Unsweetened tea-1 cup+Besan bhujia- a handful

  • Breakfast-Buttermilk with roasted zeera- 1 glass+

  • Fresh Peaches-2

  • Mid-morning-Almonds-a handful

  • Lunch-Besan Cheela-2 small+

  • Amaranth dal-2 katoris+

  • Black chana-1/2 katori+1 small tomato+lemon juice

  • Walk for 1 hour in the Evening

  • Evening-(instead of Tea/Coffee)Roasted soyabean+bhuna chana mixture+1/2 glass veggie and fruit juice

  • Dinner-1 large besan cheela+1 egg

  • I started with the Soyabean -besan chapatis today, yeasterday it was only Besan cheela.

  • I also take 1 Evening primrose oil capsule +1 Tablet B-Long-F both for PMS, also 1 calcium tablet.

I was craving some Sugar though but the small amount of fruit in the veggie juice took care of it, so as of now everything's under control :) hmmm...so far... so good!!

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Suparna July 24, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

hi Bindiya,
The diet prg looks interesting :)
Wishing u luck!

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