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September 10, 2007


Perfect Home-made Garam-masala(curry powder)- the single most important ingredient in Indian cooking , it is used in practically everything! in curries, pulaos, sabzi's, dals and so on, and no household in India and now perhaps in the world can do without it.The spices are dry-roasted whole to release the flavors and the natural oils and are ground to a fine powder upon cooling

Although the name itself is quite deceptive ,literally translating into something hot which it is actually not since no chillies go into it, the spices in garam masala vary but basics are -cinnamon, cloves,coriander ,which give it that characteristic pungency but not blistering heat.

Garam masala according to the ancient theory of Ayurveda -is "heating" in the sense it raises the metabolism of the body specially for keeping the body warm in the bitter North-Indian winters.


nutmeg-1/2 whole
cumin seeds-50 gms
coriander seeds- 50gms
mace-5 blades
cinnamon sticks-4
green cardamom-15
peppercorns-1 tbsp.
cloves- 2 tbsp
black cardamom- 4
bay leaves- 10


Roast all the spices in a heavy bottom pan or griddle ,stirring frequently. I would not advise roasting in an oven because frequent stirring is not possible however it is upto you as to which method is most suitable.

Very soon the spices will become fragrant and give off a heavenly aroma, keep smelling as you roast them so that you get a feel of what Indian cooking is all about.Let cool. Grind to a fine powder (this will be specially easy after roasting since the spices tend to become crisp).Store in an air-tight container.

Garam masala is generally added towards the end of the cooking process because of the"khushboo" (fragrance) as well as the flavor.Just sprinkle a pinch and experience the magic of this iconic masala.

Note- This recipe of garam-masala has been in my family for generations

ready-to-use garam masala

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Nags September 11, 2007 at 11:16 AM  

awesome pics! i recently posted sambhar powder! please do participate in the cook book event! would love to see ur fave book, Bindiya :)

Suganya September 12, 2007 at 9:58 PM  

Bindiya, You have amazing recipes. Good luck!

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